Friday, June 27, 2008

Maniac at Foxwoods

For the past 3 weeks, Wonka and I have been making the trek down to Foxwoods on Wednesday night and playing until the sun comes up. I have been either running bad, playing bad, or I just plain suck at poker for a couple months now. Variance is a bitch. Finally this week I was able to book a nice win.

I have taken up buying in short early in my session, then topping off to full after a while if I like the table. I do it as somewhat of a stop-loss measure as well as a way of getting used to everyone at the table. Early on I call the standard $10 opening raise that is seen 7 ways with 67c. A pair and a flush draw, turn 2 pair, and get rivered by a larger 2 pair. Down half of a half a buyin, but I like the table so I reload to full.

Wonka manages to get stacked with the ass end of a straight flush and moves over to my table. I tell him that there is nothing he can do about that, he had the nut flush and the guy caught a one-outer that gave them both straight flushes. You cant get away from a straight flush. He catches a set vs my over pair and turns quads against me. Thats ok, he payed my quads off last week when the board was boated.

Later in the session a full fledged maniac sits down and proceeds to double up just about everyone at the table. He buys $500 in chips and puts $200 in the drink holder so he can top off as needed. This guy doesn't see any hole cards that he doesn't like, and fires double barrels on every street regardless of position or if he connected with the board. I turn a King high flush and he calls my all in drawing with a Queen. Double up number one. A few hands later I flop the nut flush and he moves all in when I check to him. Double up number two. Then in a 3 way pot I flop Broadway + Flush draw and gutshot Royal draw for double up number three. He played nearly every hand, always for a big pot if he could manage to get his chips in the middle. By the end of the night the guy had about $4000 of his money spread around a 1/2 table. I think we had the well re-filled 3 times because of him.


meltdown said...

Your post is suitable punishment for the wusses (me) who passed on the trip and missed the spew frenzy. Nicely done

PokahDave said...

who was it...a regular?

Rake Feeder said...

Dave - I have seen the guy before, but he is not an every day player. Next time you escape from the house and come down I will point him out to you if he is there.