Friday, August 13, 2010

Live 1/2 Slow Roll

I was playing 1/2 at Foxwoods the other night. New player at the table raises to $10 from UTG. It was my straddle, half the table calls $10 so I toss in the additional $6 with 34 crubs.

The Flop is 235 with 2 clubs, giving me middle pair and and an open ended straight flush draw. SB, BB check, I check, new guy bets out $30 into a $70 pot. Miracualously everyone else folds, and I decide to just call with the world for outs. I could have raised on my monster draw, but since the guy just sat down and raised his first hand I give him credit for an overpair, I put him on Queens.

The Turn is a non club 8, I check and he bets $45. For a moment I think maybe he has AK and just fired a second barrel, but I am fairly sure he has QQ. I call $45 like a donkey, still having the world for outs.

The River is a Jack and I check having missed everything and holding a 3 with a 4 kicker that cannot possibly be good. I say "Your Queens are good, I missed my draw", and hold my cards towards the muck waiting for him to flip his over pair.

Now for the slow roll ...

At Foxwoods, you have to show both cards in a showdown in order to take the pot regardless of whether the other player mucks or not. I genuinely dislike the showdown game of flipping one card at a time, and want to move on to the next hand. Normally I will announce and show my cards regardless of position when I know I am ahead, or even think that my hand might win the showdown.

I know that I am beat. He still hesitates so I show my 3 and say "I know this isnt any good". He says what is the kicker, I say its a 4. Then he says show it.

I know that I am not ahead and have all but surrendered, and he is demanding to see both cards. I have told him his hand is good, and showed him all I have is middle pair. Other players are now complaining so I table both cards and wait for him. He looks at me and slowly flips QQ one at a time. What the fuck?

I said thanks for holding up the game by intentionally slowrolling me, you could have just shown your friggan Queens and moved on. Other players at the table told him that it was completely uncool and not called for.

Does anyone agree or disagree with this behavior?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quads over Quads

All I can say is ouch ...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Played a couple HORSE tourneys this evening. 5th place in one and chopped 1/2 in the other. 4am is not the time to be playing split pot games heads up.

I am still pondering making a trip out to Vegas; I really need to just pull the trigger on a plane and hotel. Still on terminal leave, I have about 4 weeks left before I have to look at a real job.