Friday, June 13, 2008

Foxwoods with Wonka

Yesterday afternoon as I was settling into my evening session on Bodog, Wonka called saying he had that Foxwoods feeling. My rubber arm was easily twisted and 20 minutes later we were on the road. There is open seating at about 15 1/2 NL tables when we arrive so I walk around observing tables seeing who was there and pick a table with a 1400 stack. I decide that I am going to play a short stack game and buy in for $150. Within 25 minutes I get felted twice. Both with KK, once to a flopped set, and once to someone who flat called a 3 bet of $40 with T8o and flopped top two. Ouch.

I move over to Wonkas table and take a seat in the 10 seat promptly banging my knee on the drop box, he is in the 6 seat. We begin a ten hour all night odyssey grinding it out and patiently waiting for the right spots. My stack fluctuates, but I average 300 on the table while being stuck 400.

Late night I 3-bet with the hammer twice and take down nice pots with c-bets on the flop and show both times. In a limped pot with Q6h from the BB, the flop is 566 and I lead out for $10 hoping my hammer credit earns me some action. Two callers see the turn which brings a very nice Queen to fill me up. I check and one player bets out for $25 while the other player folds. I bump it to $75 and get called. The river is a blank, and the other plays says "I thought we were friends, you can check." I tell him we are friends but not that good of friends and I don't think I can check. He calls my value bet of $100 showing 67d and I am finally unstuck for the first time of the night. The sun is up and we decide to leave at the next dealer change over.

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Wwonka said...

You forgot to mention your Quads.

the Donkey Show.