Saturday, June 7, 2008

Snippet from Foxwoods

This is 1/2 donkery at it's finest. A new player sits down on my right, plays a couple hands and whispers to me that he caught the crazy Asian guy across the tables tell. I humor him and ask what it is and he says that he makes an open C with his thumb and index finger when he is bluffing and it is a closed circle when he has a hand. Hmmm, someone must have just watched Rounders. I tell him thanks for the information and continue with my game. The man is friendly, but he has this extremely annoying habit of singing along with his Ipod. If he were not such a frequent re-loader I would have changed seats due to his annoying sing along habit. Maybe Karaoke-Poker exists in some casinos, but I don't plan on playing there.

About two hours into the session, he limps from MP and calls the standard 10 dollar raise. The flop is A-2-3 with 2 diamonds. Check around to the initial raiser who bets 15, crazy Asian makes it 30 to go, and the singer/tell-spotter raises to 80 leaving about 160 behind. Original raiser flat calls the 80 and the crazy Asian goes all in for about 300 total. Singer/tell-spotter guy tanks really hard, and appears to be counting outs or odds or maybe he is just babbling. He shows me his cards, 45o - he has flopped the wheel. He tanks to the point where other players want to call time, I think he must be acting since he flopped the nuts, but then he proceeds to muck his hand. Original raiser calls the 300 and shows AKo (of course), and crazy Asian has A5o - neither man has a diamond. AKo wins, the flopped wheel would have held up and I asked him why on earth did he he fold his hand? He replied that it was his last 160 and he was afraid of the flush draw. WTF? Why play 45o and not get your chips in the middle when you flop a straight?

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