Saturday, February 2, 2008

A-Town Home Game II

Last night was the second installment of the A-Town home game, hosted by Big Al and his family. I had been fortunate enough to be invited to this game before, my friend and fellow HPT player D is Al's daughter. Unfortunately the New England weather did not cooperate and only half the field showed up. We had enough for one full table, 6:30 pizza delivery and by 7:00 the cards were in the air.

The first game was NLHE, $50 + re-buy for the first hour, and a nice T10,000 starting stack. This "re-buy" was nothing like the craziness one would see in an online re-buy, I think there were only 2-3 re-buys in all. The players included fellow bloggers wwonka and bdidde, and of course my friend D and her father Big Al. Early on there was quite a bit of limping with deep stacks, and 5 players to the flop was common. I was short stacked early on when my Aces were cracked by Jacks and Byron was forced to rebuy after his Kings were cracked by Ace-poop on the river. Nearing the end of the re-buy period I stepped it up and pushed on the limpers to get back to a full stack. Big Al had a massive chip lead with nearly 40k. Late in the second period I called an all-in by the short stack with AQ, and D called out of the big blind. The flop was AAx, and I pushed hoping that she didn't have AK. For some reason she calls with KK, and is drawing dead when the case Ace came on the turn and I send 2 players to the rail. DQB-baby! If she had pushed pre-flop I probably would have gotten away from the Ace-Ho. In the interest of time, wwonka and myself ended up chopping heads up so we could play another game.

The second game was a $20 sng with T5000 stacks and 6 players. Byron and myself just had the discussion of not risking your tournament life in the first level when he pushes with TPTK and I call with a disguised 2 pair. To his credit, he said that he thought I would be able to let a hand go this early in the game. I believe that he wasn't pushing on the value of his hand, rather he was making a play giving me credit for having the ability to fold. Sorry bro. The other players dropped quickly and again in the interest of time, wwonka and myself chopped so everyone could play another. We got a good laugh when we chopped, it was a good night for the Worcester boys.

The third and final game was another $20 sng. Go read Chad's post about getting lucky in tournaments. Granted this was only a single table sng, but some of it applies. Early on I over played a marginal hand and was crippled, down to only 200 in chips. The next hand I was all in for less than the blind and quadrupled up with a 5 high flush. The following hand I was all in for the blind and tripled up with KK vs AJ and AQ. Still critically short, I doubled up again and then took the blinds with my fourth no look push. After that things settled down for a while, nobody wanted to get involved in hands with me and my recockulous luck sackery. I mentioned that I had bought a lottery ticket earlier in the day and Byron wanted to buy a piece of me. Of course I blew up and was knocked down to only 400 in chips. Again I mounted an against all odds come back, tripling up, doubling up and I went on to win the tournament.

On the way home my luck finally ran out, and I was awarded a $220 speeding ticket, ugh!


Biggestron said...

I'd rather your bad luck started earlier. Paying all those winnings towards the MA coffers is the worst beat of all.

cronin1014 said...

THERE WAS ONLY 1 ACE ON THE FLOP!!!!! NOT 2!!!!!!!!! After I pushed with my K's post flop - A on the turn and river. You're giving me a bad rap! Well, at least you didn't call me Big D like biggestron did in his blog.