Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Bodog Blogger Tournament has to be the best kept secret in the poker-blogo-sphere. Where else can you play for a 1 in 18 chance of winning a WSOP Main Event Package? I almost don't want to post about it in order to keep the field as small as possible. Anyway I came in 6th last night, just short of the T$109 bonus money for a $36 payout. I was lucky, and became the big stack very early on by flopping sets vs overpairs and having straights hold up vs smaller straights and flush draws.

The 1/2 NL cash table that I played on was insanely bad. I watched 8 players see the flop after an UTG raise to $8. I also saw 7 limpers min-raised by the BB, and then min-raised by UTG. Then it was checked all the way down to the river. Was this 1/2 LIMIT? I played a single cash table while in the tournament and cashed out +611 when the table broke. If I only had rakeback on Bodog, I might play there more often.

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