Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My Bodog account has been dormant for over 2 years, but at the suggestion of wwonka, I have finally reloaded and will probably be playing in these things on a regular basis now.

Last week was the first of the skillz series that I played in, and because of my stellar performance in O8, I will most likely play it again this week.

Kudos to my friend ScottyDawg who came in 5th place in the 10am tournament at Foxwoods this past Sunday. I went out early, but not as quickly as this donkey, who earned the gigli on the very first hand. I don't really mind getting knocked out before the first break. I was paid the same as some of my friends who played for 5 hours and missed the money. That is 4 more hours at the cash game for me!!

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