Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Connecticut Woods

Made the trek down to the Connecticut Woods yesterday, which is about an hour drive for me door to door. Nothing but easy money to be had at the 1/2 tables. Lets see, I lost the nut flush to a boat for a large pot where he check-called me all the way down, and did not raise (or see for that matter) when the board paired. I also lost half a stack to a mid position limper with KK vs my Big Blind Special top 2 pair on the flop when he rivered a set. How can I put a mid position limper on pocket Kings in a 6 way pot? I still managed to make money, although I had to grind it out much longer than planned. After a short wait on a 20 person list, a new table opened around 2pm and I did not leave until 6am. My theory is if I stay past midnight, I might as well stay until the sun comes up and drive home with natural lighting. A bad hourly rate for sure, but a win is a win. My favorite hand was a raised straddle with 66 on a 345 rainbow board. A deuce on the turn gave AA and AQ the wheel and 2 large stacks to me.

I should be playing in these two tournaments tonight:

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