Thursday, February 7, 2008

HPT, Mookie and Blogger Hard Money Game

Wednesday night I started out playing in the HPT online game, which is essentially a weekly-ish version of a home game that I play in. Wonka took down first place, and I took down second.

I started the Mookie out well, doubling up on the 3rd hand with AA vs WilWonka's QQ. AA UTG = limp and re-raise. I am not one that likes to get into big pots early in a tournament, but with a smaller starting stack this week, I pushed my Aces and it worked out. Later on I got involved in a hand with Astin, and of course he flopped the nuts. TPTK + nut flush draw and broadway draw is no good to his flopped straight flush. I really didnt care, I called knowing I was beat and he had the nuts, and was a willing participant in his card-rack-ness. I pushed the hammer on the next hand and went out 50-something. I was much more interested in the big cash game I was playing anyway.

On to the Blogger Hard Money Game. I had not planned on playing in this thing as it was way beyond my bankroll. I normally play 4-6 tables of 1/2 NL on Full Tilt, and I play 1/2 and 2/5 NL at Foxwoods. The 4/8 NL 1600 max buyin did not hurt too much, but I certainly did not want to get stacked. There were some very experienced players at the table including Fuel55 and Recess Rampage. Add in the lineup of other bloggers and it was a scary table to say the least. Early on in the game I played tight to the point that cmitch actually mentioned it at the table. With Waffles at the table there was quite a bit of action in hands he was involved in. To his credit he out lasted the over in the prop bet side action. I was pleased to be the one who busted him with AQ vs his 77, Ace on the flop and he hit the rail. This is where I should have racked up my chips and left the table.

The hand I want back the most was SB vs BB myself and the Gnome. I raised preflop with AQ and he smooth called. I really have not been picking on his blind, but of course he is going to defend. The flop comes QT2 with 2 clubs. I lead out, he raised, I re-raised, then he pushed all-in on the flop and my AQ hit the muck. There is no way I am putting my entire stack in with just TPTK. He later said that he hit top 2 with QT, and I feel a little better about my fold. The next orbit I dropped the hammer on him and took back a small pot. I spewed off some chips here and there, quite a bit to both Recess Rampage and Fuel55. There simply is no way for me to out play these guys with scared money. There were several hands where I believe I had the best hand, but I was way out of my comfort zone. If we had been at the 1/2 tables or in a live game at Foxwoods I would like to think the results may have been different. These guys are serious players, hopefully they will post some hands on their blogs.


Gnome said...

Good laydown of that AQ. I was hoping you had AA or KK and wouldn't be able to let it go.

WillWonka said...

I didn't catch the limp - reraise thing until afterwards. I was playing a couple HU matches and I thought you were in BB and putting some sort of squeeze on. Oopss..