Sunday, March 2, 2008

Big Game

There were 105 players in the opening event for the BBT3, MiamDon's Big Game. Limping UTG with AA is a play I will make nearly every time in a cash game. Unfortunately it did not work out and I hit the rail in 85th. Limp UTG with AA, pot bet on the flop, half pot on the turn. He raised to 3600, I push the remainder of my 7K stack and the heart on the river leaves me crippled. I can't blame Goat for making his play, he had a nice flush draw on the flop and picked up an open ender on the turn. I probably would have doubled up or gone broke in his position.

No complaints from me on the hand, I certainly did not like the hearts on the flop, and I liked the Ten on the turn even less. Oh well, that's poker.


Gnome said...

"Limping UTG with AA is a play I will make nearly every time in a cash game."
Seriously? That doesn't seem right to me.

Rake Feeder said...

Given the right circumstances it makes sense. I am not limping with AA from mid-late position mind you, but UTG at a table where I can expect a position raise behind me and often a squeeze on top. Obviously if I am not expecting someone to raise for me, I cannot make this play.