Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cash Games, Daily Double, and the Mookie!

I played in a few tournaments and 1-2 NL cash games on Full Tilt tonight (last night?). I was in my normal 4 table grind and breaking even, until I ran my AA into AA and KK. The action was raised to $8 from MP, I re-raised to $18 from LP, the BB came over the top and made it $40 to go. The MP raiser flat called and I pushed all in. Everyone came along for a nice chop of $131 to each of the pocket Aces.

I played in The Daily Doubles at 9pm and of course the Mookie at 10pm. I was run out of the Daily Double A when my flopped trips and flush draw was beat by a flopped full house. I really should have gotten away from the hand when my flop bet was re-raised. I did manage to cash in the Daily Double B for a whopping $22.44 which nearly covered my buy-in for both games.

My big hand on the final table was a 3 way all-in between me, ScottMc and Mike_Maloney. I had about 15,000 and wake up with QQ UTG. I am looking for action and I put in the standard raise of 3x the blind to 3600. ScottMc goes all in from MP for about 11,000, and Mike_Maloney pushes for 15,000 from the BB.

I was prepared to call one all-in with my QQ, but 2? I easily could have been up against AA or KK in this spot. I pushed and hoped that one of them was on a medium pocket pair, and the other a big Ace. If I have any readers, comments are welcome on my play.

We traded chips around for a while, I sucked out a couple times, and we were finally heads up with a slight chip advantage in my favor. On the first hand heads up my opponent bonehet timed out on the button. He had been having disconnection issues all evening, so when the next hand was dealt, I quickly raised thinking he was disconnected. Yes, it was a cheap play but thats the way it is online. Unfortunately I did not raise enough for the value of my hand AJ, and he returned in time to call my min raise with 53s. The flop was 53J and I was crippled. Oh well bad karma on me. On the next hand he put me all in for 13,000, I insta called with Ace-poop, he showed Q3s and caught a Q on the turn, game over.

Thanks for the radio show to BuddyDank and his crew!

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