Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mookie Donkout, Dookie Win!

My buddy Wonka called me tonight to remind me about the Mookie. I had spent much of the afternoon and evening drinking beer at the local American Legion Post, of which I am the newest (and youngest) member. There was a small game in the back room, but it was only a $5 buy in, I was not going to waste my time. I was tempted, as I had not played any poker at all since my Saturday pilgrimage to Foxwoods. My live play has been great, but my online cash games at Full Tilt have left much to be desired. I have been getting pounded by runner runner straights and flushes when I flop top set and bet out.

It was clear early on that tonight was not going to be my night at the mookie. In the 1st level I have AA in LP with a few limpers followed up by a 4x raise from Irongirl in front of me. I re-raise the pot and she mucks. I am very happy taking it down a nice little pot without seeing the flop. The next orbit, I have AA again (card rack). There are a few limpers and once again a raise by Irongirl. I re-raise the pot, she pushes, I insta-call and a 9 on the flop gives her a set of 9s and leaves me with only 800 chips very early. She said that she was tilting from another tourney. I tell her it is all good, I knew there must be a reason for her going to the well with pocket nines so early in the tourney. I manage to work back up to a decent stack, mostly due to a suckout with 56s vs AK, followed by a double up off of MiamiDon with KK. I ended up donking it all back to him with AQ vs his AA in the BB. Out in 16th or so.

The dookie was a HORSE event, something that I have very limited experience in. I do not play much limit hold em, my style prefers to take pots down long before the turn and river. I do however enjoy playing Omaha H/L, it used to be my favorite bonus clearing game. Razz and Stud are not in my normal list of games to play either. Net result for the night = +$26, yay.

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