Saturday, August 11, 2007

Iron Man Final Table

Last month I played on Full Tilt nearly every day, qualifying for the Full Tilt Iron Man promotion and entrance into the $30,000 freeroll. When I played in the Gold level freeroll there was quite a bit of dead money, about half the players did not even show up. Such was not the case at the Iron level game, I am sure there were a few no shows, but on my tables every player was present.

With 298 players and a $30,000 prize pool it was essentially a $100 tourney for free! Of course my MGR will take the hit and my rakeback will suffer, but IMHO it is worthwhile to opt-in to the Iron Man promotion.

I was chip leader for quite some time after the bubble broke, up until the final two tables. With 12 players left my QQ was cracked by a donk open pushing UTG with K6o for 17,000 vs my 60,000. The blinds were 800/1600, I understand he was short stacked but there really is no need to push UTG with that kind of hand. The hits just kept on coming, and my stack dwindled to 12k until I doubled up with pocket sixes.

I was talking to wwonka on the phone, when the final table popped, and the very first hand I get AA in the BB with a raiser from LP. I have 24,000 in chips facing a 3x raise to $7,500 with the blinds at 1200/2400. I insta push of course, and he insta calls.

Boom! Aces cracked by KJo. Out in 9th place.

Sure I am happy anytime I get $450 for free, it just sucks to go out like that.

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KajaPoker said...

I just love when that happens. You don't get Aces for the whole tournament and then first hand at the final table they get cracked: