Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday at the Woods

I have been Jonesing to get back to Foxwoods for a few days, and finally woke up Sunday morning and just drove down by myself. I have had a very good run at Foxwoods since returning from Iraq, nearly every session has been in the positive, +500, +900, +1200, etc. Sure there were a few sessions that were break even or minor losses, but nothing that bothered me. Until yesterday...

I would like to say that I was cold-decked, but I did get a few premium hands, AAx2, QQx2 (all cracked). Unsuited 5 gappers were the norm and looked like gold. I had QQ cracked by 24o and 34o after making it $40 to go pre-flop. AA was cracked by TT on a flop of KJ8. I had re-raised two $17 pre-flop bets to $65 and one came along. I pushed on the flop, and the TT player was proud to get it in behind claiming he had a straight draw - runner, runner of course!

3 times I got it all in with at least a 4-1 advantage, and every time I was runner runnered for miracle suck outs. Enough of the bad beat stories, nobody wants to read about someone else's misery.

Live poker is rigged.

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