Friday, September 28, 2007

Foxwoods Report

I woke up this morning (yesterday) to the sound of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, ringing through my ears. Actually it was my buddy from Iraq calling me on my cell phone to say he was headed to Foxwoods. Great, I was planning on going anyway and it is always good to see a friend from over there.

Well ...

We both got smoked at the 1-2 NL tables.

There were a few players at my corner of the table who play on Full Tilt and Poker Stars; 1-2 NL guys that mostly play online but mix it up with a few days a month at Foxwoods. We talked about the 12 tabling nits, and how much better it was to play online with rakeback vs live games.

JB is an aggressive player, but I have seen him over play a lot of marginal hands. Net result down 2 buyins after 8 hours play. This is the first time I have seen him leave with less than $1000, chalk it up to variance or donkishness. The funny thing is each time he changed seats, his old seat became a card rack.

I mixed up my play, tight, loose, tight, loose, nothing seemed be working after 8 hours at the tables. QQ and top set loses to runner, runner flush. QQ and flush draw loses to 66 on the river and ties for the side pot vs QQ. AQ chops a QQ5 board with to runner runner boat vs Q2. AJ loses JJx to a KJ boat on the river. Need I say more? I knew I was doomed and even put my name in for the Omaha H/L game to change it up, but after 2 hours only moved from #8 to #6 on the list. Why can't they start a feeder table when there are 12 people on the list? Net result down 2 buyins in 10 hours.

I followed up my Foxwoods debacle with a solid 3 hours of drinking at the Tatnuck American Legion Post where I am a member. I think I will either head back to Foxwoods tomorrow, or perhaps open the Legion and start drinking at noon tomorrow.

A friend is hosting a home game on Saturday night, I am looking forward to that. Wonka will be there, along with a host of drunken donks that should mean an easy cash as usual. The next HPT is a few weeks out, again a good chance for an easy cash.

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