Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Foxwoods Redux

I made my first pilgrimage of the month to Foxwoods yesterday, arriving about noontime. Open seating at the 1-2 NL tables allowed me a choice of the 10 seat at one table or the 2 seat at another. Seats #2, #3, #8, and #9 are my favorite. You are on the end, so you get a little more room and you get a clear view of everything that happens. The seats next to the dealer offer limited legroom and a restricted view of half the table, when I get seated here it the first thing I do is ask for a seat change button. Seats #4 through #7 offer a clear view of the board, but not all the players.

Hmm I think I will save smashing my knees into the drop box for another day, and sit in the #2.

Most of the table had average stacks ranging from $100-300, with the exception of the #9 seat that was sitting on $1200-1400. I have seen this player before, he tends to be aggressive vs multiple limpers, chases any draw even if the price isn't quite right, and is capable of bluffing when a scare card hits the board. The biggest piece of information I knew about this player is that every time he loses a big pot, he will make a big pre flop raise on the next hand. He plays poker like it is one of the table games upstairs, increasing his bet size when he has lost in order to gain it back quickly.

Normally I keep this sort of information to myself, but I decide to quietly share with my corner of the table. I plan to keep the focus across the table and away from me. We weren't playing together, but we were certainly playing against him. His stack melted away over the next several hours. By the time he left, he had been felted, re loaded a few hundos at a time and been felted again. His chips were spread out across the table, mostly at my end. About 2 hours after he left the poker room he came back down, and showed me a stack of $8k in chips he had won playing black jack. Too bad there were no empty seats at my table.

Net result for the day: + 1497

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