Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Game

I hosted a small game this weekend, comprised of a few friends from the HPT game, and few from the more local BCBombers game. Wonka was there of course, and I made every effort to stay out of his way. It's not that I was playing with him, but there are easier fish to fry without getting in his way.

On the second hand of the first game, I have AA in the SB vs an unknown player who raised pre flop. Being the first level, the blinds were 25-25, and the raise to 100 from MP looked rather benign so I re-bumped to 400. MP smooth calls after looking at her boyfriend. The flop comes KQx rainbow, I make it 600, MP makes it 1200. I think for a short moment and then push all in. If she had KK or QQ wouldn't she re-pop me pre flop? I mistakenly put her on AK but she calls with a monstrous top two pair, showing KQo. The board pairs 99 on the river and MP has to rebuy. Bad play by me, but there is little to no chance that I am throwing away AA on the second hand of a game if there is a rebuy option.

Middle of the 1st game I put in a standard 3x raise from MP with 44, BB smooth calls. The flop comes 4A5 with 2 hearts giving me bottom set. Knowing this particular player will chase flushes no matter how expensive, I bet out with a pot sized 1500, and get called. The turn is a blank and I push 1950 into the middle and make an "oh well speech" and get called. BB turns over KQd no pair, no draw, wrong suit. He said he thought I was bluffing because of my speech. Well good read friend, except I wasn't bluffing and even if I were you couldn't beat a bluff.

I go on to take 1st place, and Wonka comes in 3rd.

Second hand of the second game vs same player I got into it with in the 1st game. The blinds are 25-25 and it is raised to 100 from EP, and called all the way around to me in the BB with 67 suited. 5 players see the flop of 779. I check of course, MP bets out 500, and I call with my trip 7s bad kicker. The turn is a 2, I check again MP bets 500 and again I smooth call; there is discussion whether or not I am playing the hammer. The river is a Jack, and I bet out 1200 leaving about 600 behind. She smooth calls and shows pocket Jacks for Jacks full of 7s. Uggh; I wasn't going to get her off the Jacks without an over card on the board anyway.

A few hands later I limp from EP with 78d. Aggressive player on my left bumps it to 100. Everyone folds except for the BB on my right who calls, so I make a loose call. The flop comes 569 with the 6 and the 9 in diamonds. Sweet, I flop a straight with an open ended straight flush draw, this is going to be ugly. EP2 bets enough to put me all in, BB raises, I say all in, and EP1 goes all in. The turn and river are blanks, EP2 shows pocket 10s, BB shows QQ and I triple up. If the QQ in the BB had not called, I might have folded. If he had re-raised, I would have folded.

I end up going out early and playing dealer for the rest of the game.

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