Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nothing New Here

Since my last post I have been to Foxwoods twice, once booking a good sized win, and once booking a bad sized loss. That's a wash right? Many of the big name TV-pros were in town for the main event, some even donked it up in the lower limit cash games. My worst beat was raised, re-raised, and over the topped pre flop, resulting in my QQ losing to 43o flopping quads. WTF?!?

I donked up a nice little home game that I should have crushed. Wonka was there, I think he may have monied twice that night. I on the other hand was the second or third to the rail in the early game, and 3rd place in the late game. Remember that you cannot bluff the unbluffable, or outplay someone that will call you down with no pair and no draw.

I have not been playing much online so far this month, and have missed most of the blogger tournaments. I did finish 29th in the Full Tilt Iron Man promotion freeroll, thanks for the $150! The poker game really went out the window once the money bubble popped, any 2 cards were good enough to push or call an all-in.

The VA is being a pain in the ass. I drove into Boston this morning only to find out 11 minutes later that there is nothing they can do for my tinnitus, other than prescribe me some sleeping pills. Thanks, but I already have enough those from my PTSD shrinks. Yet another waste of my time.

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