Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Mook, The Dook, and The Spook!

Last night was the Triple Lindy of blogger donkaments ...

The Mookie had 114 participants, the BBT2 craze has sure pumped up the numbers. With so many new faces the play seemed uber tight for the first hour, and then turned into a steal, re-steal, push any pocket pair like it is gold festival. I did get lucky early on and knock Al out when I out flopped his TT with my AQ. Tight play kept me alive until the blinds were large enough to do some damage. I scrapped down to the final two tables and in the money. Everything was looking good until my 88 ran into 55 and a 4 flush on the river crippled me. Out in 15th place.

The Dookie has also been stacked with extra players since the onset of the BBT2. PLO H/L is not my normal game. I do play a fair amount of O8 limit, but tonight for some reason I was pushing my craptastic 1 way high only hands. Out early enough not to care.

The creme de la creme has to be the Spook! (Sorry Mook). This super donkfest had a whopping 52 participants show for the 11:59 pm start time on Halloween. Short Handed, Short Stacked, and Turbo - the only ingredient we were missing was re-buy. It was a push fest out of the gate, with several preflop multi-way all ins. I knocked out the host Instant Tragedy with my 66 vs his TT. Thank you for all the compliments live on the Buddy Dank internet radio show. It warms my heart to hear "Rake Feeder You Donk!" shouted repeatedly. At the final table Buddy decided to pick me to win. I listen to his show often enough to know that when he makes a pick, that person loses. The poker gods were on my side, I woke up with AA twice within 5 hands and 3 players left. I am the Spookie Champion! Scary Huh?


Julius_Goat said...

Woah, RakeFeeder has a blog! Very cool.

Nice job in the Spook, you lucksack. You failed to mention that you got most of your chips when I got the bright idea to bluff on all streets with 85o.

Um, thanks for that.

Rake Feeder said...

Thanks for reminding me, I think you are referring to the Button vs BB hand when we were 4 handed? My second pair of 9s with a bad kicker beat your 8 high?

Standard preflop raise by me on the button with nothing, you smooth call with nothing, I catch a piece of the flop and flat call your min bets down to the river?

What can I say, it was a good read, just don't make me dig up hand history.