Monday, November 5, 2007

Foxwoods - Again

I am a little disappointed that I missed tonights MATH tournament. The BBT2 is in full swing and I am coming off of 2 ITM finishes last week in the Mookie and Riverchasers. I have been missing Hoy's game for a while now, with Mondays being one of the days I try to visit Foxwoods.

I had planned on leaving the casino in time to make it home for the MATH, but the "one more dealer change" game continued for several hours until I finally stood up. Had I left after 6 hours as I had planned, I would have booked a nice triple up but instead I settled a small profit after a long day. I suppose any profit is better than a loss, but my 12 hours of time could have been spent playing multiple tables online. I neglected to make adjustments and when turnover changed the table texture, and I began to bleed chips.

I did get a few decent hands, and of course I took some horrific beats. One particular player was on a roller coaster ride after buying in short for the 3rd time. He proceeded to win 9 all-ins while short stacked, and kept donking off his chips in between all-ins. He was nicknamed the all-in-master. Unfortunately I was the victim of his luck sackery 4 times over. KK cracked by Ace-poop, AK TPTK cracked by Ace-poop and then again by runner runner bottom 2 pair. Finally the flopped nut straight loses to runner runner flush. Good thing he was aways short stacked, each of the hands were only for $60 or so. He would double up off of me, then lose my money to the other players, and I would have to win it back from them in order to lose it to him again.

The World Poker Tour was in town for the Foxwoods World Poker Finals, and several well known pros were in the room. In the afternoon Survivor Castaway Jean-Robert Bellande was playing 10-25 NL. There was a small group of railbirds watching the action, and Bellande looked as if he had lost 100 pounds on Survivor. Later in the evening, Barry Greenstein was at the 100-200 NL table. A rather large crowd of 25+ railbirds was watching the game, with more than $200,000 on the table.

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