Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Foxwoods Degenerates

I believe that I may have lapsed into the world of a poker degenerate. I just returned from a 20 hour session at Foxwoods. Several of the players at the late night tables said they had been there for 2-3 days straight.

I played 2 rounds of 1-2 NL sandwiched around a few hours of 4-8 Omaha H/L. My early session of 1-2 NL was marred early on by a flopped boat of 5's full of Aces with my A5s snapped by a donk pushing K8o on the turn to catch the running 8 for 8's full of 5's. What the fuck was that about? I took a break and came back to mix it up with some Omaha H/L. It was a strange game, we went nearly 2 hours without a single kill pot, then had 17 kill pots in a row including some 8 player pre flop caps. One old man miracle chaser would raise hands that should have been mucked, and limp call hands that should have been capped. The regulars all had little clouds above their heads with the letters "WTF ?!?!?!?..." Fast forward to late night and back to 1-2 NL, I managed to rebuild a small profit at the musical chair table that eventually placed 4 buddies at one end, and some nits like me at the other. I was glad to see them change seats to be together, one of them smelled like he had been sleeping in a bathroom stall. After 3 broken tables in less than an hour, I decided it was time to go. I couldn't see straight anyway.

My small victory, bad beats, and eventual turn around is not the story. Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was reported to be in the house, upstairs signing autographs. Jonathan Papelbon showed up around midnight and took a seat at the 2-5 NL tables. He wanted to play a higher limit, but there were no seats open and he did not want to wait. I was going to try to move over, but the 2-5 list swelled to 15+ once word got out that the Red Sox star was in the room. The staff even played a joke calling out "lock it up for Mariano Rivera" at a fictitious open seat. Papelbon's table was surrounded by 4 ever watchful security guards to keep the railbirds at bay. Papelbon tried to sit down with $2000 in chips until the dealer informed him of the $500 max buy-in. On his first hand he gets it all in with pocket Aces and doubles up.

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pokerdegenarate said...

I also like to play at foxwoods ive had 30 hour sessions ther i think this qualifies me as a degenerate? I played at 1 2 nl a few times really idiotic games like some guy going all in to catch runner runner 8 high sooted or guy caling a ll in with 2210 board with 10 ace and bieng surprised someone had a 2 when free to look lololol. I haven't sat next to any pepole smelling like a bathroom stall thankfully but i got some really bad colds from the place after 20 hour sessions with huge buggers in my nose not bieng able to breath. I won 3 of 4 times at 1 2nl only time i didn't win was when i was card dead for 8 hours and switched seats constantly. After i switched seats a few hands later some chick sat down got aa pocks lolol and doubled up. Going this weekend in June great blog u had by the way.