Thursday, July 5, 2007

Foxwoods Daily 10am Tourney

My friend Scott called me 2 days ago and said that I had committed to going to Foxwoods with him on the 5th of July. I don't recall committing to anything, but sure I was game and made the drive down. The daily $100 ($80+$20) tournaments get about 150 players, T5000 chips and 20 minute levels. Six and a half hours later I finish in 4th place for a $931 payout.

Miracle suck outs can and do occur live just like online. Short stacked on the final table bubble I go all in preflop for T27K with pockets 9s. The blinds are 3000-6000 with a 500 ante. Mega big stack at T150K calls with K9 clubs. The flop comes all clubs giving him a flopped flush. The turn pairs the board, and I call for the case 9 which of course comes on the river. I catch my runner runner boat and double up.

This was my best finish in a Foxwoods tourney. Historically when I go to Foxwoods, I donate my $100 buy in, and then move over to the 1-2 NL game and make my money back. I am quite pleased with a decent live finish.

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