Monday, July 2, 2007

Blogger Big Game

Sunday night I played in the blogger big game for the first time, and managed to survive enough races to eeek out 3rd place. I was not going to play, but my buddy Wwonka talked me into it. I had played in a satellite earlier in the day but fell short of a token, and ended up paying cash.

The hand where I accumulated enough chips to make the final table came after the first break when my KK ran into AA and QQ. All the money went in before the flop, but I spiked a King on the turn to knock out smizmiatch and crippled Zeem.

A while later I was one of the big stacks at the table I raise with TT and get called by Smokkee who limps UTG. The flop is 456 rainbow so I bet the pot and he calls. Bells go off for some reason. I am giving him credit for a good hand because he limped from UTG and smooth called my raise and flop bets. The turn is a Q and we both check. The river is another 4 and he bets out 3600, after some thought I muck what turned out to be the best hand, he showed A8h. I felt that at that point in the tournament it was not worth it to lose the chips.

I basically fold my way to the final table going from chip leader to average stack. I took some small pots, nothing of note though.

At the final table I get real short on the money bubble and begin pushing like a donkey in order to stay alive. The blinds were so high I had no choice if I wanted to remain in the game I needed to steal and get lucky. I keep on getting Ace-poop in the SB when it is folded to around and push on Smokkee's blind. I manage to do this 4 or 5 times when he says he will call with any two cards if I do it again. I wasn't trying to pick on him, I was desperate for chips and he was to my left. Well the next blind is folded to me, I push with A5o and he is a man of his word and calls me. He calls with 82 suited and I double up. A5o is gold!

Three-way it was me, Hoyazo and TripJax, what a brutal game. Each of us was short stacked, dead even, or 2-1 chip leader multiple times. My hat is off to Hoyazo and TripJax for a great match.


TripJax said...

You took a lot of heat at that final table. I don't remember many of your hands, but I saw nothing wrong with your pushing with a low stack in that situation.

Can't remember if you did a lot of calling with them like people were saying.

Good gamin' with you doc...

smokkee said...

obv, i was getting annoyed with all the pushing.

it turned out to be a real race when i flopped a flush draw with my sOOted crap against ur A5o.

i did the same thing to "poker enthusiast" in a blogger tournament a while back. he kept pushing his short stack into my BB from the SB when it was folded to him. i told him, i'd call with ATC the next time he did it. he pushed with a decent hand and i won a 40/60 race to knock him out.

i see so many wacky races won with junk hands at the end of token sng's that i'm not afraid to call with ATC heads up.

GL at the tables.