Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home, Mohegan, and a new paint job for my car

My R&R odyssey was completed last Saturday in just about the minimum time possible for the mid tour leave program. I would like to say a very big Thank You to the passengers on the Atlanta to Hartford flight who gave up their first class seats for soldiers coming home on leave. We all had spent about 4 days in transit, including a 15+ hour flight from Kuwait to Atlanta via Germany. Your kindness is certainly appreciated.

Saturday afternoon was spent running errands, re-stocking my condo with the essentials, and a new iPhone - yay.

Sunday morning I called Wonka, asking where everyone was watching football, and we decided Mohegan Sun was a good place to both watch the games and play some cards. We arrive about 1pm and get seats at seperate tables after a short wait. I hover between +100 and -100 for a couple hours until I run Aces Full into Aces Full. I had played with my oponnent before, and we both knew it was going to be a split pot on the turn. The board was A3A3 and after a series of value re-raises we both said "Ace" with the intent of moving along to the next hand. Both hands are tabled and there was no more action. Funny thing is neither of us were paying attention, nor was was the dealer. She split up the pot and was about to pass it to each of us when she flipped the river. She was about to muck all the cards when someone from the other end of the table who was not in the hand said the other guy hit his low card and has a bigger boat. -200 for me, ouch.

I take a break and reload up to full buy in. I still had a little over a hundred left, but want to have a full stack to play with rather than play a short stack game.

After the Pats game, Wonka moved over to my table. I had planned on leaving early but a few more hours passed and it was after midnight - 8am Iraq time. I made some good reads vs a couple of AK donkeys building my stack to about 1200. Wonka had been drinking Crown and Cokes all day. I finally dragged him away from the table about 2am, thanks for the nice streak of puke out my window on the highway.


smokkee said...

what did you expect from a Boston fan?

welcome home.

PokahDave said...

Did you end up winning the HPT? Looked like you were well on your way when I left...