Friday, November 13, 2009

Coming home

I am coming home on leave for 15 days sometime next week. I should be back for a few days before Thanksgiving, and for a week or so afterwards.

Almost no poker for me where I am at. Managed to walk into a random game with some of the PRT cats a couple weeks ago, but it was very social, and an extremely deep structure. 8 players, 2000 in chips and 1/2 blinds to start. Everybody was seeing every flop and calling the entire way down. 6 players to a showdown, and you can imagine how frustrating that type of play is.

We talk about getting a regular game going with a select group, but never manage to get the game off the ground. Something always comes up - there is still a war going on after all...

I see there is a Winter Vegas event scheduled, but unfortunately I will be back in country by the time it kicks off. Too bad, I am so jonesing for Vegas. I doubt that I will be able to play any online poker while I am home. My house has been closed up and everything shut off. That being said, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are both on my target list.


BWoP said...

Safe travels back to the U.S.

Enjoy your time off :-)

PokahDave said...

What about Lotti's house?

meltdown said...

I'll play hooky and we will TDY to the either Foxwood's or Mohegan -- your choice.

Rake Feeder said...

I will definitely be at the HPT game, see you all there. I also plan on making several visits down to the CT rooms.

1Queens Up1 said...

Hit me up via text. I havent been to that area since August.

Here's my email too:
slapinsky22 AT yahoo DOT com

And tell Dave to come too!