Sunday, June 21, 2009

Poker in Iraq

Getting a real game going is probably going to be impossible. There is a Sunday night game at the MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) tent. Last week I walked over there and there were only 6 names on the list and no prize for the winner other than a certificate. During my last deployment the MWR game had prizes such as a $50 PX card or phone card. Not that I ever had time to play.

There is this policy in Iraq called General Order Number One. It prohibits all sorts of activities, including gambling. I am sure there are games going on here and there but the risk is far greater than the reward. I would rather not face a letter of reprimand (or worse) for conduct unbecoming than play in a $5 game.

A few nights ago one of my neighbors had a small for fun only game in his trailer. We had 4 players (which sucks), 2 of whom had never played before. They were all US-Arab linguists, and there was no chance of enforcing the "English only at the table" rule.

One of the players is a regular in the San Diego area card rooms and plays in Vegas on a frequent basis. So he and I were teaching the new players about the game. We played for a couple hours NLHE tournament style. Of course the 2 players who had never played won the games. I did make a nice laydown in a hand vs the experienced players. Action as follows:

I over bet the pot pre-flop with AA in the BB. Everyone calls. Pot the flop JT2 and only the experienced player stays. I look at him and figure he is strong, but lead out for 2/3 on the turn. He says all-in. I tell him his 2 pair was good, and fold my aces face up, he shows his 2 pair JT.

At least I was able to play a little, even if it was just for fun. Maybe I will check out the MWR game again tonight.


1Queens Up1 said...

Dream of the fish back in ct and the oodles of money you'll make when you get back.
Take it easy dude.

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