Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greetings from Al Anbar

I finally made it to what could be called home for my second tour in Iraq. So far I have spent a week living in tent city in Kuwait conducting mandatory in country training and briefings. Follow that up with another week in the transient tents at Camp Victory coordinating with higher and waiting on a helo.

Last week I arrived at the place where I can dump my duffel bags out and begin a year of groundhog days. Welcome to Camp Ramadi. This is what it looks like:

All we need is a some neon lights, a few casinos, and someone to hand out flyers for hookers to make this place the Vegas of the middle east!


BWoP said...

Take care Rake Feeder! Thanks for the updates.

1Queens Up1 said...

Yeah dude stay safe.

meltdown said...

How long until you get in a regular game and start crushing it?