Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Close but no Cigar

I have had jury duty all this week. #75 on the list, and the damn lawyers manage to excuse 61 people just so I could be the last one to sit. Lucky seat #7.

In the Skillz game I made the FT but got KOed in 4th place. I managed to put a bad beat on Don when he limped with 33 5 handed. I complete the small blind with 87. Flop 773, and we 4 bet the turn when a deuce comes. It's not like I am folding without a fight here, but the 4 bet had me concerned. Of course I run like Zeus (Thanks Smokkee) and another duece saved me on the river.

It was all downhill after that, though I managed to KO F-train with Ace-rag vs QJ in a battle of the blinds.

Mookie tomorrow (today) night!

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1Queens Up1 said...

Good game sir, I race bad ;)