Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The big pot I took off of Wonka

I wasn't going to say anything, but since Dave asked here goes:

On Thursday of last week, Wonka called me about 7 pm and twisted my arm into going to Foxwoods. At first I said no, but my arm is made of rubber. 23 minutes later we were on the road headed south.

We arrive around 8:30 which is essentially the beginning of prime time for a week night. There is open seating and I pick my table. I am initially in the 7 seat and Wonka is at another table. There are 2 solids to my left, with about $500 each and a big stack with about $1000 to my immediate right. There is a crazian at the other end of the table losing large pots on missed flush draws every other hand. I made the mistake of buying in short for $150 before I doubled up with AK. 5 players to the flop after a $15 raise by me. Flop AK3 rainbow, 3 players call my $40 bet on the flop, big stack pushes on the turn when another Ace comes. Aces full of Kings vs Aces full of Threes. Yay, I now have $400 something instead of $700 something if I had bought in for the full $300.

Wonka moves to my table and the players change out during the course of several hours. We both have chipped up to about $550 for him and $650 for me. 6 limpers around the table to the BB who raises to $12 which of course gets 6 callers incuding me, Wonka, and some nice lady.

The flop is 8h6h2s which fits in very nicely with my 97h =)

Initial raiser leads out for $45 into a $84 pot.

This is normally enough to send all but the strongest of holdings flying for cover at a $1/2 table. People are more than willing to limp-call ten bucks pre flop but unless they have an over pair or smack the flop really hard they fold.

Wonka flat calls $45 <-- He does not flat call $45 without a very good hand. He probably has a set. I should fold.

Some nice lady flat calls $45 <-- she has been calling big bets to the river all night and losing. I was more concerned with the set that Wonka probably had than her.

I had been considering raising the initial bettor until 2 players flat called in between.

Let us see. There is now $219 in the pot, and $45 to me in position with an open ended straight, flush, straight flush draw. Flat calling $45 is not normally in the book of plays I like to make but I am up $500 and decide to peel another card off.

I make the comment of "What is there like $300 in the pot now?" (there was $264) before the turn is flipped.

The turn brings a nice off suit Ten to complete my straight. Initial raiser plays with a stack and a half contemplating leading out again for $150 but unfortunately he checks. Wonka looks and him and says "$300" and puts 3 stacks of reds into the pot. Some nice lady folds, and I look at Wonka and ask how much he has left.

Of course I am going to move in with my straight, and I am actually hoping Wonka will fold (since he is my friend and it may make for a long ride home if I stack him). Initial raiser folds and Wonka makes the call with his set, he still has 10 outs. The river is a brick and I win a $1300 somethingish pot. Sorry dude.

The initial raiser had T8c and said he would have stacked off with top 2 until I re-raised.

Some nice lady said she had a Queen high flush draw but she didn't want to go all in with just a flush draw and one card to come.


lightning36 said...

Hey -- at least there was not a suckout involved.

smokkee said...

do you ever miss?

PokahDave said... lets hear some more since you go often and I don'

1Queens Up1 said...

Nice hand.

It seems like it takes at least a raise to $15 to get people to fold their crap hands at 1/2 at F-woods.