Friday, November 14, 2008

Free Rolling Forever at Bodog

Not quite but close enough. Earlier this week I donked out of the Bodog Blogger II, but eeked out a 3rd place in their November 9 special. Thanks for the T$109 bonus and about 3x more cash than my first in the Blogger game a couple weeks ago. Tonight I came in second in the Blogger game adding to my pile of T$ which should be enough to cover the rest of the Blogger Tourney.

I had a 2-1 chip advantage heads up and it seemed as if Salex77 wanted to flip for it early on. Call it aggression or short stack strategy, I prefer small pot poker heads up with small blinds and eventually shifted the game to what I liked. It took about 30 minutes for me to chip him down to 20k and a 4-1 advantage for me. We were heads up for quite a while, at least 3 levels. The two important hands where we got it all in preflop were both Asian Jews (CK would be proud!). AJ vs T9 and he doubles up gaining a slight chip advantage. With the stacks about even we get it all in preflop AJ vs AT and a Jacob on the turn gives him a straight. Good game Salex!


BWoP said...

At least somebody can win with the Asian Jew. I sure as hell can't.

$mokkee said...

sick board on the AJ vs AT hand

wp sir

PokerSEO said...

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