Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Final Tabled Poker from the Rail

I believe this was my first time at a final table for the BBT5. The Hammer was good to double up when we were 8 handed, 27o > AQ! KOed Astin with T7h for a flush. AJ < QQ = out in 5th.

Listened to Buddy Dank Radio while playing; took the crews suggestion and played in the HORSE tourney. Chopped 1st/2nd with even stacks about 10 minutes into Razz. I must have had 80% of the bring ins. Neither of us saw any point going back and forth.

4am time for bed.


Shrike said...

Well done. I was cruising for a cash in this HORSE tourney until I lost five consecutive pots to go from 1st to out in 30th.


Memphis MOJO said...