Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lack of Posts = Lack of Play

While I have never been an every day poster like many in the poker blogger realm, my writing activity has been seriously delinquent for several months now. What is that matter you ask? I have not been playing anywhere close to what I was last summer and fall. Lately my play has been curtailed to maybe a single cash game while watching TV, or perhaps a small buyin or blogger tournament. I still make several trips to Foxwoods each month, but much like my online play, not nearly the frequency that I had been playing.

I played some 1/2 on Bodog tonight, MiamiDon was at the same table for several hours. Early on I hit a Royal with QJd in the SB for a medium sized pot. I think that is my 4th Royal this past year. That stack eventually slide across the table when I overplayed a small pair vs someone who slow played pocket Kings. Net result down a buyin and a half after a few hours.

My live play has been mediocre. Home games have been slow this summer, and the competition seems to have gotten better. Foxwoods seems to have turned a bit for me, I had been getting shelled for a while but have had some solid sessions my past few trips. I am looking forward to Mohegan Sun re-opening their poker room at the end of the month. I expect it to be packed with Foxwoods regulars looking for a change of scenery.


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