Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday at Foxwoods

What started as a "field trip" for my monthly HPT game evolved into a chance meeting of a couple other bloggers. The HPT crew was mostly there for the 11am $100 tournament, some of the early birds played in the 9am $60 turbo as well. Wonka and I arrived shortly after 9am and took seats at 1/2 tables waiting for the tourney to start. Byron opted not play in the tournament and played cash all day. None of us did well in the tournament; I went out 27th and Dave went out 22nd, both short of the money - 200 entrants payed out 20 places.

After busting I sat at a 1/2 table with Wonka and CK. She and F-Train were in town for the Sox-Yankees game but the ticket holder ended up not making it so they stayed at Foxwoods. I did not get to spend much time with F-train as he was playing 10/20, but CK was 2 seats to my left so we were able to chat quite a bit. PokahDave moved to our table later, so we had 4 bloggers passing around chips.

The nice thing about the 1/2 tables at Foxwoods is so many players try to play tournament style poker in a cash game. The guy on my right was clearly trying to buy pots all night. I have a very good read on him, he claimed that he was playing "power poker" by making large bets into small pots with air, so I waited for the right moment to trap him. He bets $50 into a $6 pot, and I know he has nothing so I flat call. He bets $50 on the turn, again I flat call. $100 on the river and I call, he says "I have an Ace!" showing A8o for Ace-High, to which I reply "I have two!" showing AA. He goes on super tilt saying that I should have known my Aces were no good on that board the way he was betting, I tell him they were good because of the way he was betting.

I of course wanted to stay for another dealer or two, but everyone was leaving so I rack up and call it a day. CK and F-Train it was a pleasure to meet both of you.


BWoP said...

It was great to meet you!

(Whatever your real name is . . .)

That guy to your right was really trying to buy pots all day. I snapped him off once when I slow-played a hand with him.

Too bad he rivered Broadway against me in that other big hand.

I hope to see you soon!

PokahDave said...

Had a great time. I'm so used to just playing down there by myself. I forgot how fun it was to play with other bloggers. It reminded me of being at the winter classic in Vegas...hope to play again soon. That is...not just the virtual world.

F-Train said...

Sorry we didn't hang more, but my strengths lie in raping the fonkeys in the LHE games...

PokahDave said...

Happy Birthday ya bastid!