Saturday, June 30, 2007

2nd Post!

I am new to blogging, though I have certainly spent a lot of time reading other peoples blogs while donking it up. Poker blogs are a dime a dozen, why would anyone want to start a new one, and who would actually read it?

I have recently returned from a tour in Iraq, I was called up in November 2005 and spent 6 months training at Fort Bragg before deploying to the desert for a year. Say goodbye to 575 days of my life, but that is another story...

Maybe writing a blog will help with my self diagnosed PTSD. Since returning, I haven't done shit except play poker. I have gone to Vegas once, and Foxwoods 6 or 7 times during the two months that I have been back. I just started playing online poker again, mostly on Full Tilt.

I am in no mood to go back to work as an IT Consultant, and after a year in combat I deserve a little slack time while I get my life back in order. The nice thing about going to Iraq is there is nothing to spend your money on over there. I managed to save up enough money to fund a modest bankroll and pay the bills for a while.

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